May 18th “Nostalgia it’s not what it used to be”

So what’s all this about “Nostalgia”

The dictionary says

  1. A bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past.

  2. The condition of being homesick; homesickness.

Well I can say when I go back to a place there is a level of “familiarity” but not sure I would go as far as to say I wanted to return. Not that I have anything against these places I called home it is more about always seeking a new adventure. Each place I visit has so much excitement about it and the lure of the new outweighs the pull of the old.

There was a quote about “when a job becomes too easy give it away and get a new one” well the same goes for me and places so when I get too comfortable I have to leave.

For our vacations Judi and I have only every returned to the same place once that I can remember. Apart from Bangkok which we have seen 3 times but it is a hub city so it was on the way to or from somewhere so it may not count.

The last time we specifically went to buy a set of cutlery which probably sounds a bit weird but it’s true and you should see Judi haggle you would not want to be the store owner. (one guy said with a wife lie that he would pray for me) The airport check in was also interesting with a full 12 person set of every conceivable item including cheese knives weighing me down but we did as usual talk our way through it.

Anyway so there is nothing wrong with new things. I mean who wants to go back to black and white TV’s, mobile phones the size and weight of a brick or flowered shirt with matching ties (yes that was me and with a Mullet haircut) and how did I live without TIVO and my iPhone.

As the world shrinks it is easier to stay in touch and given there is no distance in an internet connection everyone could actually be next door. The mere fact that you are reading this proves that anyone anywhere can be in contact.

Therefore in general new is good and of course apart from the “places” we stop there are all those new friends to make and challenges to face. Right now of course we are in the middle of it all again. Trying to manage the timing of the visa’s with the flights the removal men closing down the utilities. What to do with all the electrical items we cannot take and of course discussing if Eric (the cat) goes in the hold or the cabin (I think Judi will win on the cabin)

So maybe I just don’t have the time for sentiment. I have just spent a week in Brussels and a lot of it meeting old friends. Maybe it’s the friendships I could be nostalgic about if anything. There is nothing better than to sit in a cafe or a bar or restaurant and chat about life over a drink and good food. Hearing about marriages new children and hearing all about adventures friends are having.

I seem to be very busy right now which given I do not have a job is worrying, how did I find the time to work before ? (or maybe I didn’t)

Taking an online crash course in HTML to enable me to add pictures which was a direct request so watch out for changes.

“Coming to a blog near you soon”