day 2 or 3 depending on how you count

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Well travel days are always interesting, first flight is to Moscow which I know well,  what I had forgotten was how much duty free they buy and how much they can cram into the overhead lockers.
Lunch was chicken with noodles or lamb with buckwheat given I expect to eat a lot of Plov in the near future I went for the chicken because as we know everything tastes like chicken.
2 beers to keep our spirits up cost $21 which is also a reminder we are in Moscow and in an airport as well. 
A couple of hours to kill before the next flight which will be interesting, off to Tashkent in Uzbekistan we should arrive at around 3am which will be nice,  hope it’s quiet, 
Arrived 3:45 and 2 hours later exit the airport building, I could try and describe what happened but it would be difficult to believe.
So here we are in Tashkent in Uzbekistan at are rather plush hotel in the centre of town. A couple of hours sleep and though I would get some breakfast. They have  almost everything you could wish for except eggs.  
I ask and they say fine sir how many,
 2 say I,
 for 2 people they reply, 
 no 2 eggs for 1 person, 
yes said I, 
fried on one side or on both, 
on both sides say I.  
By now I am thinking how efficient they are however 10 minutes later an omelette turns up, l just eat and drink my coffee.
I will post a picture of my room later as it is the biggest single hotel room I haveever been in.
Also met a couple of our fellow travellers a couple from Miami
So we now only need a guide and17 other people and we can get off

Just hanging around

As today was a rest day I though I would take the opportunity to nip into Uxbridge on the bus. There is a website which gives you the timetable and on which will give you the exact position of each and every bus.

Armed with all this information I stand at the bus stop from 10:33 to 10:59 waiting for a bus which was due at 10:40. It would seem that no matter how much technology you have busses are stll late.
Adding insult to this I am nearly mown down by the thing when it finally arrived.  Screeching to a halt 20 meters past the stop I climb aboard to be told “sorry I didn’t see you there” the there being the bus stop and me being the guy waving frantically but whatever I am now on my way.

Uxbridge seems to be fairly modern and very busy. I have been living in the countryside for a while now and have become unaccustomed to large group’s of people, also every other shop seemed to sell mobile phones.
This along with the public houses (bars) seems to be the main but not the only source of enterprise for the town.
They also have a “Greggs” which if you are English would make you smile. One cheese and onion pastie later I am looking for a drink and order a white coffee only for the Barista to repeat my order back to me and add “do you want milk with that”. Not sure what they usually use to whiten their coffee and not sure I want to either.

Shopping done I return on the same bus I arrived on which has a schedule of travel every 30 minutes but turns up when it wants to.

Off to the airport again in the morning

2013 Adventure day one

Today was the first day of my grand vacation and I am more than a little bit sad to do so as the weather at home is delightful and the forcast is for more of the same, still everything is booked and paid for so no choice but to crack on.

 I drove through the French countryside with the dawn breaking, the sun rising behind me, and the early morning mist hanging low along the rolling hills and into a traffic jam on the Toulouse ring road, so some things never change.
I still arrived at the airport with lots of time to spare for my short flight to London.
To prepare myself for the coming weeks I though I would get some experience travelling on coaches so after flying from Toulouse to Gatwick I took a National Express coach to Heathrow and then a London Transport red bus to my destination for tonight which is Chalfont St Giles.

It was all quite an experience and a timely warning to me regarding how difficult it is to heave you luggage on and off. Note to self maybe I did pack a few more items than I really needed to perhaps I could jettison some of them before I start on the next leg of the journey. (Who would know apart from you and me)
One thing that struck me today was “Signage” I don’t mean I walked into something I mean how difficult it was to understand them. Lucky for me I am English and at least understood the actual words, I think in the coming weeks it will be me looking lost and forlorn staring at the signs. We shall see we shall see.

Nice web site for anyone who read to the end

Once more with feeling

This is a test memo to text section on my Samsung Galaxy 3.8. I’m going to try and see  

 if  I can add a picture to the middle of them which would be good

This is fun

I need to set up a new account.
Help me to my password then more about how security make money promoting go daddy on your site she’s not right you Batman text ads to publish on your website, the restaurant sales you refer to go
How now brown cow this is how it all works sometimes south georgia really into things sometimes it’s easier well it is easier however it’s not exactly how I expected it surely little bit more complex and a little bit more precise than normal so where is my car and this is where to sell your old is I said some ass can well that’s funny s a m a r k a and e have you seen this is going to be really funny I don’t know how long I can talk probably 5 minutes I’ll be home alan people attempt 

Speak soon Steve