“its fun Jim but not as we know it”

So what’s all this International moves are fun?.


True it is an adventure but not sure the dictionary definition would include the word fun in it. Typing this sat on the floor as all the chairs have been packed there seems no stopping them this time. They have attacked the house from different directions so difficult to tell them “no not that” as I can’t be in every room at the same time. I have managed to isolate some items in a “Do not touch” area just to stop the team boxing them up and shipping them to some unknown storage point in the US. I managed to buy a new can opener yesterday for the 2 tin’s of beans I still have only to get back and find they had already packed all the plates and cutlery and pans so missed that opportunity to empty the store cupboard. I should know better by now 5th time but somehow this one seems more difficult.

Still crossing stuff off the list and that part looks fine. Judi took Eric to the vets this morning yowling as she went (Eric that is) came back with a clean bill of health and 5 syringes to give to her to “calm” her for the forthcoming voyage. Calm “her” what about me I though a nice little tablet would have done just fine mix it into her wet food which I have been training her to take. I say training its more if I don’t give it to her by 3 pm she is liable to bite me. 5 though seems a little excessive maybe some are for Judi. I can just imagine homeland security stopping me at the scanners and asking why I am trying to board a plane with syringes and what they are for. “Tranquilizers” will not be a great answer and I can envision a lengthy time in the interrogation room. Need a plan for those maybe I can say the cat is a diabetic and see if that works.

Hired the car booked the hotel for Friday night. What was a small pile of electrical stuff is slowly turning into a mountain all of which has to be left behind. US 110v the rest of the world 220v. I might just sneak the wireless router in a case if I can find space. A slight underestimation of the requirements for the last trip seems to have left us with cases on the wrong continent and Judi is trying to minimize these as Eric is the priority this time. We did a practice pack and I think everything will be fine but it will be touch and go.

Back to the packing 2 big burly men came and built a wooden frame on the drive for the piano and my prize possession a rug I bought here. It is a hanging rug not a walk on one and the pattern is of a mosque ceiling and is simply stunning. It took me 3 days to work out I could not live without it. (I love going out of business sales) I should point out it is my prized possession after Judi and Eric just in case either of them ever read this. (Judi says she is too busy and Eric says predictably “Me-ow”)

All that is left upstairs to pack is the bed. I hid some towels in the dryer so we could shower. The weather is touching 90 degrees and with the doors being open to shuttle thing back and forth it is impossible to keep the house cool. Maybe a storm this evening will cool things down, here’s hoping.

Cleared out the food cupboards so now even the beans are gone, not sure why or how we managed to end up with 3 types of dried chili’s or 2 jars of capers but no matter now they are gone. Judi of course wanted to clean all the cupboards (she is so like her mum sometimes) but I decline. I still remember having to de-grease them when we arrived. The house was not what you would have descibed as pristine when we got here and it took us about a month to fix. Anyway we have 1 emergency pizza in the freezer and a couple of bottles of wine so a picnic on the carpet is in order.  

Planned to watch the US Open but it got rained off so had to watch Egypt beat Italy at football (soccer)