2013 Adventure day one

Today was the first day of my grand vacation and I am more than a little bit sad to do so as the weather at home is delightful and the forcast is for more of the same, still everything is booked and paid for so no choice but to crack on.

 I drove through the French countryside with the dawn breaking, the sun rising behind me, and the early morning mist hanging low along the rolling hills and into a traffic jam on the Toulouse ring road, so some things never change.
I still arrived at the airport with lots of time to spare for my short flight to London.
To prepare myself for the coming weeks I though I would get some experience travelling on coaches so after flying from Toulouse to Gatwick I took a National Express coach to Heathrow and then a London Transport red bus to my destination for tonight which is Chalfont St Giles.

It was all quite an experience and a timely warning to me regarding how difficult it is to heave you luggage on and off. Note to self maybe I did pack a few more items than I really needed to perhaps I could jettison some of them before I start on the next leg of the journey. (Who would know apart from you and me)
One thing that struck me today was “Signage” I don’t mean I walked into something I mean how difficult it was to understand them. Lucky for me I am English and at least understood the actual words, I think in the coming weeks it will be me looking lost and forlorn staring at the signs. We shall see we shall see.

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