day 2 or 3 depending on how you count

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Well travel days are always interesting, first flight is to Moscow which I know well,  what I had forgotten was how much duty free they buy and how much they can cram into the overhead lockers.
Lunch was chicken with noodles or lamb with buckwheat given I expect to eat a lot of Plov in the near future I went for the chicken because as we know everything tastes like chicken.
2 beers to keep our spirits up cost $21 which is also a reminder we are in Moscow and in an airport as well. 
A couple of hours to kill before the next flight which will be interesting, off to Tashkent in Uzbekistan we should arrive at around 3am which will be nice,  hope it’s quiet, 
Arrived 3:45 and 2 hours later exit the airport building, I could try and describe what happened but it would be difficult to believe.
So here we are in Tashkent in Uzbekistan at are rather plush hotel in the centre of town. A couple of hours sleep and though I would get some breakfast. They have  almost everything you could wish for except eggs.  
I ask and they say fine sir how many,
 2 say I,
 for 2 people they reply, 
 no 2 eggs for 1 person, 
yes said I, 
fried on one side or on both, 
on both sides say I.  
By now I am thinking how efficient they are however 10 minutes later an omelette turns up, l just eat and drink my coffee.
I will post a picture of my room later as it is the biggest single hotel room I haveever been in.
Also met a couple of our fellow travellers a couple from Miami
So we now only need a guide and17 other people and we can get off

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