Clingfilm (Stretch wrap) is it stretching things too far

Clingfilm (Stretch wrap) is it stretching things too far
As usual Clingfilm or cling wrap or stretch wrap to our American readers was invented in 1953 by a scientist who was trying to make a hard plastic cover for his car; his experiment was completely unsuccessful but he then found the usefulness of plastic wrap which he happened to create instead. So the wrap’s history is built on a lab error and serendipity as usual in these cases.
Anyway it has many uses but is normally to be seen wrapped around food items of various sorts although it has been seen, covering pallets, windows, etc. Being inventive we can find lots of reasons to cover things in this thin film some less effective and as an emergency condom is not recommended (or so it says on Google something about chafing)
The food area is probably the most popular use and taking leftovers and wrapping them tightly in little bundles to carefully place in the fridge or freezer for later consumption is the norm. Now I could ask how many times they are actually brought back out and eaten verses how many times you would open the door and wonder what the smell is before hunting around to find that item you just could not face throwing away. Likewise you may well find that small section of frozen lasagna only resurfaces when you either defrost the freezer (come on when was the last time you did that honestly ? (Michelle excluded)) or when you have run out of room and are trying to find a place for that bit of lasagna you make six months later.
If you are not at the stage of storing cooked food don’t despair you can individually wrap fresh items as well which involves taking the cling film off the item you have just purchased and dividing it into small portions to wrap again and for future forgetting,, sorry future use at you convenience. That is if you can get the flaming stuff off once it is frozen as the defrosting seems to make the thing so slippery you may get frustrated and sling it once again into the depths of the freezer.
No sure what the knack of using this wonderful item is as my efforts seem to consist of not being able to unwrap it whilst is it inside of the packaging and also not being able to snap it off cleanly even when using that thin strip of metal on the edge of the box, you know the one you catch your finger on then why the film has to immediately want to wrap itself together into a tangled mess. I understand it’s probably static electricity but it is difficult to ground myself being in a sixth floor flat and taking it all outside would be unhygienic I think.  So the act of wrapping these items is a challenge in itself.  Whilst I think about it why am I trying to individually wrap half a dozen chicken breasts into individual portions? It’s not like there is a shortage or they are even difficult to get hold of. The supermarket is 400 meters away so not difficult to get to and they are not heavy either. So the only logical reason for trying to perform this rather difficult task is because I saved 15 rubles by purchasing 6 at once (51 cents, 31 pence) and possibly the amount of film I waste trying to complete this Mensa test will probably negate my savings so maybe not so smart. I could of course tell the assistant I want a single chicken breast six times but given they are not the friendliest of people I am not prepared for the inevitable fallout as word of my request filters around the store and people begin to point at me and mutter under their breath.
Maybe it need one of those dispensers they use in the shops they don’t appear to have the same issues I encounter although they are doing it continuously every day so maybe it is in the wrist action. Not sure where we would put it or if it should be constantly on the worktop but I think we have better use of the limited space we have so a none starter really even if I could find one.
So the usefulness of clingfilm is beginning to escape (and annoy) me although covering things to cook in the microwave is I have to say is not only useful but in the main essential although not actually having a microwave makes this less attractive. So I will have to find user uses for the remaining three quarters of a roll we have that is if I can find the end of it or avoid cutting my finger on the serrated edge of the box. I am not intending to throw it away as I am sure in the not too distant future I will have a burning need for it. Life can be very complex at times.
Now of course I may have a jaundice view of all of this as I am a Tupperware man myself ever since we got our carrousel which eliminated a whole cupboard full of lids and containers which did not fit each other. You probably have a similar collection in one of your cupboards. Maybe there should be a Tupperware swap club where people gather together and try and fit lids to containers. I of course am above all of this as I have 3 different container sizes but only one lid size which fits all of them.  This of course does mean that I have a fridge half full of translucent boxes of various sizes with items I have forgotten or am ignoring until they start to smell or start moving around on their own.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm